How it started and developped

Start-up and historical facts

The company has its origins in the year 1920 at Cassarate, where
it was created by three colleagues at work, one of whom, however,
left after a very short period of time.
It was intended as a workshop for repairs and maintenance for the –
at the time – young local industries (oil mills, mills, tanning industries)
who helped to keep the company alive, even by standing guarantees.
The company has always been true to its original purpose. In fact,
up till now the department of repairs and maintenance has kept an
important role within the company.
In the 1940s the department of metal construction was added.

Further evolution

From the original mechanical workshop, the company expanded
continuously by specializing in processing sheet metal, finally
getting as far as manufacturing complete machines and aggregates.
In fact, Poretti-Gaggini SA is convinced that, as a supplier in the
service industry, wanting to justify its permanence on the market,
has to offer a more extensive performance than just manufacturing
parts and pieces.